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Jaqueline A. Lynch

Solutions Architect, Power Systems and Linux, Security

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Jaqui Lynch has more than 47 years of experience working with a variety of projects and operating systems across multiple vendor platforms, including mainframes, UNIX systems, midrange systems and personal workstations. She currently works as an independent contractor providing services that include enterprise architecture and PowerVM and AIX. She is primarily focused on POWER Systems virtualization with AIX and Linux. Her background has a strong focus on performance tuning, virtualization and security across a wide range of customer areas. Additionally, she regularly presents at IBM and other conferences around the world and writes for several magazines.

Jaqui's strengths are not just in the technical area but also in evangelizing the products and companies she works with. Her main strengths are anything to do with AIX Performance plus AIX and IBM POWER virtualization followed by security and Linux. She also has experience with architecting cross-vendor cross-platform environments. She has significant experience with POWER virtualization (PowerVM/VIO servers) in environments with Linux, AIX and IBM i and in installing PowerVM, AIX and Linux in those environments

She is open to new 1099 contracts, especially those that can be performed remotely.

Technical writer for IBM Tech Channel
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  • 2021 Lifetime Power Champion (all years from 2021 on)
  • 2020 Power Champion
  • 2019 Power Champion
  • 2018 Power Champion
  • 2017 Power Champion
  • 2017 Linux Top Gun Winner
  • Comptia Security+ (March 2016)

    Computer Measurement Group (CMG) plus past president

    Specialty Areas:

  • Strategic Planning and overall architecture
  • Performance Tuning and Capacity on all brands of UNIX but specifically AIX and Linux
  • IBM POWER virtualization (PowerVM/VIO servers) Planning and Implementation
  • Security on most brands of UNIX and Windows products including forensics and hacker prevention
  • Market Studies on Hardware and Software Products
  • Regular speaker at IBM conferences on performance and IBM POWER related topics including Cloud
  • Web Consulting - building, designing and securing web servers, basic page coding, some Javascript, Perl
  • Scripting and shell scripting
  • Custom Training Classes
  • Possess multiple AIX & other Certifications from IBM
  • IBM Credly Transcript Mar 2023


  • RHCSA (Redhat Certified Systems Admin) December 2012
  • ITIL v3 Foundation Certified - April 2009
  • ITIL v2 Foundation Certified - May 2006
  • LPIC 1 (101 and 102) - 2005

    Current Operating Systems:

  • Installation - AIX including PowerVM, AIX, Linux (Redhat and Suse)
  • Performance and security for AIX and VIOS (PowerVM)
  • SPectrum Scale (was GPFS)


    Self-Employed since September 15, 2015

    Systems Architect and Consultant
    Primary focus - Power Systems Virtualization, AIX and Linux
    Overall Architecture
    Implementation as well as architecture for small to large IBM AIX, VIO server and Linux environments
    Significant experience in AIX performance
    Custom Performance studies for clients
    Patching and securing systems for AIX and PowerVM (VIO server)
    AIX, Linx and PowerVM health checks
    Spectrum Scale (GPFS) Implementation and tuning
    Consultant to multiple companies and IBM business partners
    Have a and DNB number

    Flagship Solutions Group (now Cloudfirst) since November, 2015

    Delivery Consultant

    Forsythe Technologies Inc. November 17, 2009 - September 15, 2015

    National Solution Architect
    Primary focus - Power Systems and Linux
    Performed standard presales work such as design, analysis and configuration of solutions for clients
    As needed, performed services work such as installations, security work or performance tuning and capacity planning.
    Setup and maintained systems in the Forsythe BPIC (business partner innovation center). Prepared resources for customer and other POCs (proof of concepts) and benchmarks.
    Perform performance studies for customers.

    Mainline Information Systems December 2002 - Nov 2009

    Architect Power Systems and Linux (since May 2006)
    Senior Systems Engineer pSeries and Linux (to May 2006)
    Performed standard presales work such as design, analysis and configuration of solutions for clients
    As needed can be requested to perform services work such as installations, security work or performance tuning and capacity planning.

    Consulting July 6, 1999 - Nov 30, 2002

    Various contracts including work for attorneys on computer forensics and investigation plan for computer crime case. Installation and performance tuning on Linux. Additional work for a Boston organization and a New York Corporation securing their AIX systems and implementing TCP Wrappers and Secure shell.

    2 year Contract to assist and cover for current UNIX systems administrator. Contract included securing systems, implementing Year2000 fixes and upgrading DirectTalk voice response unit software. Setup and implement SP complex. Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning and evaluating products in this area. Primarily AIX but also some work with Linux and SGI. Additional work done on installing and configuring webservers as well as writing some web pages. Also extensive work installing and customizing DB2 UDB on AIX. Implementation of Websphere Application Server and HostPublisher across multiple systems. Work also done on computer forensics - tracing hackers and protecting against them.

    Assisting with performance problems on Digital Unix. Also, a DASD market study for the distributed platforms and another for the mainframe.

    Architect, redesign and build the new web site for a company who won a Fast 50 award.

    Contract to implement security, AFS and SSH on AIX 4.3.3

    Contract to speak on "Planning a successful implementation of DirectTalk and DirectTalk Voicemail" at the annual eCRM conference in Orlando

    Contract to assist with strategic planning, capacity planning, and performance tuning. Job included Peoplesoft Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning (on AIX), a DASD Market Study, a Performance Tools Study and Memory Capacity Plan for Solaris Mail Server. Also installed SUSE Linux, WUFTP and the Apache web server on a development system.

    BOSTON COLLEGE Apr. 1991- May 13 1999 Chestnut Hill, MA

    Manager Systems Services Jan. 1995 - May 1999

    Responsible for the management of all technical services personnel, on both the academic and administrative sides of the college. My staff consisted of nine systems programmers who were responsible for more than 80 systems running primarily OS/390, AIX, Windows NT, OSF/1 and VMS. We were also responsible for the Operating System support on the SL100 telephone switch. I was also Webmaster for several sets of World Wide Web pages including, and

    The day to day job involved managing staff, doing all capacity planning and design work for the mainframe, SP2, UNIX and NT systems, designing the infrastructure for future systems (i.e. designing scalable servers). Much of the time was also spent on projecting costs, configuring systems and doing actual installations.

    Applications running on the SP2 and UNIX systems supported included: voice mail, email, x.500, Oracle and DB/2 databases, SAS, IVR (voice response unit apps), Netview, remedy, web servers, network computers, peoplesoft and imsp.

    I was also a member of the Callpath Users group Board and the GBCMG Board and was the administrative chair for the 1998 CMG conference and the general conference chair for the 1999 CMG conference.

    Major Accomplishments:

    • Managing a highly productive group of 9 systems programmers
    • The last few months I also managed the DBAs
    • Installed and setup a 6 node SP2 and an SMP (RS6000s)
    • Installed and setup a second 7 node SP2 and interconnected them
    • Upgraded the SP2 several times - it is now a 33 node SP2 running AIX 4.2.1 and 4.3.1 and PSSP 3.1 and 2.4
    • Configured and managed 3494 robotic library installation Consulting on DCE and Security to outside organisations
    • System Administrator and Web Master on CMG's HP & BSDI systems
    • Implementation of 16000 user voice mail system using Directtalk on multiple SP2 nodes plus various upgrades to those systems.
    • Planning, preparing for and installing equipment to be used for distributed and
    • client/server systems - includes all configuration, capacity and performance planning
    • Implemented TCP/IP across all platforms and integrated the IBM mainframe system
    • with the campus network.
    • Implemented the OSF/DCE environment on RS/6000s and PCs for the College.
    • Upgraded the mainframe from MVS/XA to MVS/ESA, plus many product upgrades.
    • Used specialist Knowledge to help tune VSAM files for the college.
    • Oversaw many mainframe hardware and software upgrades

    Manager IBM Systems Apr. 1991 - Jan. 1995

    Responsible for the management of the Administrative systems programming group and some technical work on the IBM 9672-R31 running MVS/ESA, several RS/6000s running distributed systems including the OSF DCE environment, and various Pcs and Macs. My staff consists of three systems programmers. I am also responsible for all of the performance and capacity planning on the mainframe and the RS/6000s.

    Contractor/Temp Dec 1990-March 1991 Cambridge, MA

    Secretarial typing for engineering firms. Programming in C on Silicon Graphics UNIX systems

    Senior Systems Engineer, Hitachi Data Systems Nov 1987-July 1990 New Zealand

    • Responsible for pre and post sales support for processors.
    • Designed and ran training classes on MVS, VSAM, CICS and Networking for customers and setup and ran part of the software awareness training for hardware engineers, including MVS internals.
    • Performance analysis and capacity planning for customers.
    • Disaster Recovery specialist.

    Systems Consultant, Self Employed Apr. 1987-Nov. 1987 New Zealand

    Contract Technical Services Manager at NZ Railways with 6-8 staff. CICS systems programming.

    Senior Systems Consultant, Computer Sciences NZ Feb. 1985-Apr. 1987 New Zealand

    Various contracts in the computer industry that included:

    • Manager Technical Services at Dept. of Labor (3-4 staff, 15 months)
    • Consultant helping set up Chase Manhattan Bank in Australia (3 months)
    • Contract performance Consultant on the Hogan Umbrella at Databank NZ (8 wks)
    • CICS and MVS systems programmer at Bank of NZ (7 months)

    Senior Systems Programmer, Dept. of Statistics Oct. 1983- Jan.1985 New Zealand

    Installation and maintenance of DOS/VSE and VM. Network support.

    Senior Systems Programmer, Trustbank Feb. 1983-Oct. 1983 New Zealand

    Installation and maintenance of DOS/VSE.

    Senior Systems Programmer, Cumberland Computer Center Feb. 1977-Feb. 1983 New Zealand

    • Two years as a programmer, then 4 as a systems programmer.
    • Responsible for the IBM mainframe and networking, plus the 3790s.
    • Implemented the first MSNF network in the country for the NZ government.


    • BS Computer Information Systems May. 1994, State University of New York
    • BA Philosophy May 2007, Benedictine University, Lisle, IL
    • NYIP (New York Instititute of Photography) Professional Course (Completed 2002)
    • NYIP (New York Instititute of Photography) Advanced Professional Course (Completed 2004)
    • NYIP (New York Instititute of Photography) Digital Course (Completed Aug 2007)
    • MA in Philosophy at UIS - Thesis on Ethics in Virtual Worlds(May 2011)
    • NYIP (New York Instititute of Photography) Currently working on Travel Photography Course

    Other Work Interests:

    • Technical writer for IBM Systems Magazine and Enterprise Technical Journal
    • Member of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigators Association) and CUISP.
    • Speaking and Training engagements
    • Member ACM
    • President of CMG from December 2003 to December 2005 (on board till end 2007)
    • On the International board of CMG from December 1995 to December 1997, again from December 1998 until December 2002, Jan 2006 to Dec 2007
    • Founding member of New Zealand CMG (1987-1990)
    • On the CMG National Conference committee (1993-1999,2002, 2006).
    • General Conference Chair for the 1999 and 2002 CMG National Conferences.
    • Administrative Chair for the 1995 & 1998 CMG National Conferences.
    • Web Master for CMG (1995 - 2002), DCE Users group and GBCMG
    • Member of the IBM Executive Client/Server Forum - 1994 & 1995
    • Founding Board member of GBCMG - 1992-1999
    • Chair of the MA DCE Users Group - 1994 - 1997
    • Previous Member IEEE and AWC
    • Taught online safety over the internet 2001 - 2005

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