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Jaqui's Bio
Jaqui Jaqui is a world leading expert in capacity planning and performance tuning for large computing environments.
Jaqui Lynch, President

Professional Experience:
Throughout over 46 years in the Information Systems Industry, Jaqui has been responsible for a wide variety of projects and operating systems across multiple vendor platforms, including mainframes, UNIX systems, midrange systems and personal workstations. From 1991 till May 1999, Jaqui worked at Boston College as the Manager of Systems Services, managing all of the Systems Programmers for the College (both academic and administrative). This job involved not only upgrades from MVS/XA to MVS/ESA, but has also included implementing distributed systems using UNIX, as well as both security and performance and tuning work for all of those systems. Jaqui was also involved in implementing the voice messaging system at the College using DirectTalk Mail. Jaqui spent 4 years freelance consulting on UNIX, SP and Performance and Capacity Planning and then worked at Mainline Information Systems for 7 years as an Enterprise Architect focusing on pSeries (POWER) and Linux. She then worked at Forsythe Technologies as a National Architect focusing on POWER Systems with AIX and Linux where she did both presales and delivery work, especially in the performance tuning area for AIX. Additionally Jaqui regularly presents at IBM and other conferences around the world. Starting mid-September, 2015 Jaqui is now a freelance consultant working for multipl clients.

Jaqui has presented hundreds of presentations in many countries across four continents. Her presentation topics range from mainframe disk access tuning, virtualization strategies, UNIX performance tuning, distributed computing, UNIX security, configuring servers for voice response and voice mail applications, web server performance and high performance web pages. Most recently she has been speaking at the IBM POWER Technical Universities on AIX Performance, Solving Performance Problems, NIM (Network install manager), Upgrading AIX and Planning for virtualization.

Other Experience:
Jaqui has been involved in CMG since 1988 when she was a founding member of the New Zealand CMG group. In 2005 and 2006 she was the President of CMG. Since arriving in the US, she has also been involved at the national level as a speaker on VSAM Tuning, DCE and Unix Performance. She has also been a member of the conference committee since 1993 and was General chair in 1999, 2002 and 2008. She has served several times on the Board of Directors for CMG and has served as their Webmaster. At the regional level, she was secretary of Greater Boston CMG from its founding in 1992 until 1996. Jaqui was also involved in the distributed project at Share for many years and has been a member of ACM for many years as well. She has been a member of ACM and HTCIA for many years as well.

Jaqui has a BS in Computer Information Systems from the State University of New York, a BA in Philosophy from Benedictine University and an MA from University of Illinois in Springfield. The topic of her master's thesis was "Ethics in Virtual Worlds".


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