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Jaqui Jaqui is a world leading expert in capacity planning and performance tuning for large computing environments.
Jaqui Lynch, President

An invited speaker on four continents, Jaqui has over thirty eight years experience in the Information Technology Industry. Jaqui is a computing generalist with extensive experience in systems administration, specializing in performance tuning, capacity and strategic planning and security. Jaqui has worked on systems ranging from IBM mainframes and Unix supercomputers, to Microsoft NT servers and systems running Linux. More recently she has been focussing on IBM's POWER platform, working on AIX, Linux and Virtualization (PowerVM, etc).

Jaqui began consulting in 1985 and has worked extensively with financial institutions, government organizations, hardware vendors, institutions of higher learning, and professional computer user groups. She has conducted a number of market studies for clients ranging from performance tools studies and DASD (disk storage) market comparisons. Her two primary speciality areas to day are in performance tuning and security although she also does a significant amount of enterprise architecture work. She has worked with systems running many healthcare and analytics applications as well as databases.

Jaqui has been an active participant in various professional organizations for over 20 years. Jaqui served as CIO and Webmistress for CMG from 1995-1999. Jaqui was Administrative Chair for CMG95 and CMG98 and General Chair for CMG99. Jaqui has been elected to the CMG board of directors multiple times and was also the President of the organisation from 2003 to 2005. Jaqui is also a member of the High Technology Crime Investigators Association (HTCIA) and UseNix.

Jaqui has presented over 300 presentations in multiple countries on 4 continents. the topics range from mainframe disk access tuning, Unix performance tuning, distributed computing, Unix security, configuring servers for voice response and voice mail applications, web server performance and high performance web pages. More recently the presentations have been on AIX performance, Best practices for virtualization, GPFS and other related topics. Jaqui also has her own Youtube channel.

Jaqui has a BS in Computer Information Systems from the State University of New York, a BA in Philosophy from Benedictine University and an MA in Philosophy from the UNiversity of Illinois in Springfield, IL. Jaqui also holds many IBM and non-IBM certifications and is an avid hobby photographer.

It's Dr. Pete! Dr. Pete is a world-leading expert in developing novel Monte Carlo simulation techniques using C, DHTML and JavaScript.
Dr. Pete Nelson, Vice President

Since designing his first web site at MIT in January 1995, Dr. Pete has been active applying Internet technology to real world applications on the World Wide Web. He has developed expertise in web design using HTML, CGI programming in C, Dynamic HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript. Dr. Pete has also applied three dimensional ray tracing technology to design web graphics for pedagogical and business applications. Dr. Pete designed the HTML, layout, and web graphics for the Computer Measurement Group (CMG) from 1995-1998. For more information visit Circle4 Web Design.

Dr. Pete has over fourteen years experience developing simulation techniques in the C programming language. Dr. Pete was registered as a Patent Attorney in 1989 and has worked with numerous Global 500 companies including Mitsubishi, IBM, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Alcatel, Rockwell, TRW, United Technologies, Emerson Electric, Imperial Chemical Industries, 3M, Mobil, Chevron and NASA

An extremely versatile individual, Dr. Pete has a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the MIT, a Master's Degree in Physics and an undergraduate degree in Math. He has worked as a Patent Attorney specializing in Electrical and Electronic technologies, and has worked as a Post-Doctoral Research Associate in the Chemistry Dept. of the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Pete has recently been awarded a Fellowship in Quantitative Biology by the NIH.

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